Digital Display • OH207N

I-75,  500′ North of Shepherd Ave. North Facing

This digital bulletin with excellent visibility captures traffic traveling south on I-75 heading into the Cincinnati metro area. Travelers along this stretch of freeway can be coming from I-275 and suburbs to the north including Evendale, West Chester, and Lincoln Heights

  • Each 8-second spot will be displayed once every minute
  • 1400 spots per day

14’8″x48 Static Display • OH208N

I-75 W/L 1 Mile S/O Hopple St, North Facing

This high profile right hand read bulletin targets southbound I-75 traffic heading towards downtown, Bengals and Reds stadiums, and many of Cincinnati’s most popular museums. Traffic along this stretch of freeway is often bumper to bumper during rush hour.


14’8″x48 Static Display • OH209S

I-75 W/L 1 Mile S/O Hopple St, South Facing

This highly visible I-75 bulletin captures northbound traffic traveling out of downtown and heading towards many of Cincinnati’s northern suburbs. This stretch of I-75 is one of the most heavily traveled freeways in the Cincinnati metro market and reaches both commuter and tourist traffic.